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What are the basic documents required to open a trading + demat account?

To open a trading + demat account following are the basic documents required –

  • Copy of Pan Card
  • Copy of Bank proof (cancelled cheque, bank statement)
  • Copy of valid residence address proof (or office address proof in case of Corporate Account)
  • Copy of Demat proof (client master or statement of holding)
  • Photographs

Is it mandatory for me to produce my original documents to your sales officer for verification of Photocopies?

Yes. It is very much mandatory to provide your original documents to our Sales officer for verification process of photo copies.

Is it mandatory for the client to self attest the photocopies of the documents provided?

Yes. It is mandatory for clients to self attest all the photocopies of the document.

Is mobile number mandatory for account opening?

Yes, Mobile number of the client is mandatory for account opening.

I want to sign the KYC form as per my bank account, can I do so? What is the additional document required for the same?

You can sign the KYC form as per your bank signature and you need to take signature verification letter (affixing your photo attested by the bank on it) from your bank.

I have my bank account where my wife is a joint holder and her name appears first in the bank document, can I submit the same as my bank proof to open my trading + DP account?

Yes, you can provide such document as a bank proof but make sure that such document should also have your complete name displayed/pre-printed on it.

I do not have latest 6 months Bank statement with me, what are the other optional documents that can be taken as financial proof?

Following are the applicable documents apart from bank statement as a valid financial proof; please provide any one of the following –

  • Copy of ITR Acknowledgement (for last financial year)
  • Copy of Annual Accounts (for last financial year)
  • Copy of Form 16 in case of salary income (for last financial year)
  • Net worth certificate (latest one, or at the end of last financial year)
  • Salary Slip (for one month in current financial year)

My Pan Card and Driving License are having two different birth dates, what is the solution?

In such cases, please mention your correct birth date on account opening application.

I am working in State Government organization, can I provide my Employee ID card as a proof of Identification?

Yes, you can provide such document as a supporting identity proof to Pan card copy.

Can Bank statement be accepted as Address proof?

Yes, Bank statement can be considered as address proof provided there are recent transactions appearing for the last 3 months in the statement.

I am staying in a rented flat; can the rent agreement be valid as my permanent address?

No, address of rented house cannot be considered as a valid permanent address but can be accepted as a correspondence address proof.

Can I provide Gas Connection Bill as a valid Permanent address proof?

Yes, you can provide Gas connection bill as a valid address proof but make sure the same should not be older than 3 months.

I want to open HUF account keeping myself as a karta, is it mandatory to provide my individual documentstoo along with HUF documents?

Yes. If you want to open HUF account, keeping you as a Karta then you need to provide us with your individual documents such as individual pan card copy and address proof.

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