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Managing Director:-Mr. Gautam Dutta Munsi

Mr. Gautam Dutta Munsi is an MBA in Finance and started his stock broking carrier in the year 2000.He worked with Drishti Shares & Investments as an authorized person. Subsequently, he opened his own Sub- Brokering firm Drishti Shares in the year 2007.After having an experience as a Sub Broker for a few years he acquired the membership of Bombay Stock Exchange & Delhi Stock Exchange in the name of Drishti Financial Services. Under the proprietorship of Mr. Gautam , Drishti Financial Services became one of the first members of Madras Stock Exchange in whole of North India. He has also obtained membership of National Stock Exchange and has built excellent client relationships. He played a major role in conversion of his Properitorship firm Drishti Financial Services to a corporate namely-DRISHTI SHARES & INVESTMENTS PVT. LTD. Other directors include his family:-
Mrs. Shalini Dutta Munsi Ms. Drishti Dutta Munsi
Ms. Aakriti Dutta Munsi
Together, with a strong grasp on the fundamentals of the business, they seek to enhance the products and service offerings of Drishti Shares & Investments Pvt. Ltd.

Compliance Officer:                   Mr. Narender Khurana


Manager:                                  Mr. Satish Kumar


Relationship Manager:              Mr. Abhay Kumar Singh


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